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快猫vip破解版黄短视频The holidays come with a unique set of safety concerns, and various agencies have offered tips and best practices to keep these holidays jolly and bright.

TravelDuring holiday road trips or while driving back and forth between loved ones’ houses, keep an eye out for distracted drivers on extra-busy roads, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Keep from getting distracted while driving, too; no text message is worth the risk of a wreck.

快猫vip破解版黄短视频Everyone in the car should be buckled up, no matter the length of the ride. Safe Kids Worldwide also advised checking car seats before any road trip, and making sure each part of a child’s car seat is installed and tightened correctly.

The National Safety Council urges keeping an emergency preparedness kit in the car during the winter, and always getting a good night’s sleep before a trip to avoid drowsy driving.

In the event that holiday travels take you to a party where alcohol is served, designate a sober driver to make sure everyone gets home safely, or make arrangements for a taxi or rideshare driver to provide transportation.

DecoratingMake sure to keep live trees freshly watered regularly, and keep them at least 3 feet away from heat sources, to avoid drying them out and potentially sparking a fire. If any of the light strands have become frayed, replace them immediately, suggests the National Safety Council.

Festive plants like mistletoe, holly berries and amaryllis can be potentially poisonous, so if using them for decorating, keep them away from children. Fragile ornaments should be hung near the top of the tree, to avoid children or pets knocking them down.

GiftsWhen it comes to finally tearing open presents, make sure to read instructions and warning labels on toys for children — Safe Kids Worldwide reminds parents that recommended ages are there because of safety concerns.

快猫vip破解版黄短视频If giving a gift of a bike, scooter, skateboard or anything like those, make sure to also give the appropriate safety equipment.

快猫vip破解版黄短视频A helmet and pads can go a long way to protecting children from potential injury.

To find out about holiday toy safety and recalls, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website at .