Mom, Bailee Keathley, and dad, Devin Lang, hold baby, Develyn.

While people across the nation tuned in to watch the ball drop in a desolate Times Square, Bailee Keathley and Devin Lang found a different way to ring in the new year.

They had a baby.

快猫vip破解版黄短视频Their daughter, Develyn Emery Lang, was born five minutes into New Year’s Day as Greenwood’s first baby of 2021.

快猫vip破解版黄短视频“I was surprised that she was the first baby,” Keathley said. “She came out so fast.”

快猫vip破解版黄短视频Keathley was in and out of Self Regional Medical Center in just six hours, as Develyn was in a rush to meet her parents. Mom and baby are extremely healthy, and Develyn has already tried to lift her head and hold her own bottle.

“I took her to her first doctor’s appointment, and they said she’s doing wonderful,” Keathley said.

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